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Why is a Professional Website Essential to your Business?

  • 40%

    a small business with a professional website makes 40% more in revenue than a business with no website

  • 56%

    56% of consumers do not trust a business without a website

  • 83%

    83% of the surveyed businesses that do have websites said “their online platforms gave them a competitive advantage over businesses without websites.”

  • 50%

    online stores make a main and only source of income for half of its owners

  • 162

    The average total revenue of an online store multiplies 162 times within just the first three years

  • 90%

    90% of online store owners claim that running their online store is profitable

How Can We Help You?


My name is Nick and I'm the CEO and Creative Director of AppleJuice.Design
Web Design for me is more than my business. It's my Passion and has been for almost 10 years. For me Websites are not just digital pages but they are the Faces of their Owners. They are the digital representation of a person, company or organization. They are extremely important because how Your Customer is going to judge You or Your Company depends on what they see online.
That is how important Good Web Design really is. A Great Website can make a business thrive. A Bad Website can ruin it.
I have helped businesses get their customers trust and respect. By building their online image. I have helped physical stores increase their profit by opening up their first online store. I have even helped people quit their 9-5 job by Designing their Dream e-Store that helped them live the life they always wanted.
What makes us stand apart from the crowd is that we care. We genuinely care about our customers. This is because I have made sure that the whole AppleJuice Team is like me. If You put Your trust in Us. We will do everything in our power to help You achieve Your Goals.
Talk soon!
Nicolas SmigielskiCEO and Creative Director of AppleJuice.Design

"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business"

Bill Gates

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

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What Can We Do For You?We Can Design For You an AppleJuice Website That Will Change Your Business and Help You Achieve Your Goals!(click here to scroll down to online stores)

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    DesignJudgements on a company's credibility are 75% based on the design of their website.That is why We specialize in Design and use the highest UX, UI Design industry standards.

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    Speed57% of customers will abandon a site if they have to wait 3 seconds or longer for a page to load. That is why We make sure Your AppleJuice Website is Fast. Very Fast! (According to Google)

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    Mobile First79% of customers will leave a site if it isn't optimized for mobile. That is why we use Googles mobile first approach and our sites are as pleasant on your phone or tablet as they are on your computer or tv

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    SecurityThere are Thousands of Wordpress and Joomla sites hacked every single day.That is why we use a Custom Developed Security System that is unavailable to the open market and at the same time very secure.

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    SupportYou can count on Us, Always! If You ever need help or have questions Your Personal Account Manager who Remembers Your Name is always ready to Help!

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    SEOSEO is very important to us and to Your Business. That is why AppleJuice Websites have the highest Possible Google SEO Score.

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    Google Cloud HostingWhat server will Your AppleJuice Website be Hosted on? Only the best in the World. Google's own Servers. The same that Youtube or all other Google Owned Sites use.

  • Post 1

    AppleJuice Custom CMSWait you don't use Wordpress or Joomla? Well We can if You really want us to. But... We have something that you will appreciate much more. A much easier, faster, safer, better, CMS that you don't need to update or maintain or worry about.In the price of the Hosting you get Maintenance and technical support for Free. Something that would cost You a minimum of 79 USD a month if you used Wordpress. We give it to You for free, that is how confident We are in Our CMS

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    You Own Your WebsiteThats right. Anytime you want to take your website and put it on your own server you can do it. No questions asked.

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    Admin PanelAdmin Panel for Your website so you can easily edit Your website. When You want and how You want it. You have total Freedom.

What Else Can We do For You?We Can Design For You an AppleJuice Store That Will Add a Second Income to Your Business or Let You Quit Your 9-5 and Live a Life of Freedom!

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    All the FeaturesYou get all the features of AppleJuice Websites with every AppleJuice Store!(features listed above)

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    Fully Integrated Facebook StoreYou can quickly create a Facebook store right from the Admin Panel in just a few easy steps. So Your customers can Buy Your Products right on Facebook!

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    Sell on InstagramFacebook not enough? Then why not add instagram while you are at it? You can sell on instagram just as easily as on Facebook

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    Google ShoppingGet Your products to the Top of the world's most powerful search engine with Our automated Google Shopping advertising solution.

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    Sell In Person (POS)Yes! Except for selling anywhere online You can also sell in Person. Integrate with Clover, Square or Vend POS system.Your inventory will update automatically.

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    Sell AnywhereOther than the already listed ways of selling. You can also sell on Ebay, Amazon, eBay Russia, PriceGrabber, Nextag, Shopzilla, Yandex.Market. Between all of these marketplaces your inventory will update automatically!

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    Language DetectionYour Customers can shop in their own language. We support all the most popular languages.

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    Easy CheckoutAllow customers the option to create a customer profile or enable checkout without creating one. For a faster shopping experience. If they have Apple Pay then checking out is as easy as scanning a fingerprint.

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    Automatic rates from carriersYou can easily connect your eStore with the most popular carrier companies and it will calculate the shipping rates in real time based on the weight, dimensions, cart price and delivery address. The shipping fees will be displayed at the checkout.

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    Store SecurityAll credit card and transaction data is always transmitted via the same secure HTTPS protocols used by the largest banks. We are a PCI DSS validated Level 1 Service Provider. It is the highest ecommerce standard in the world.

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    Payment ProvidersWe integrate with over 50 payment solutions from the entire world. So You can be sure Your customers can pay the way they like.

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    and much more!Customer profiles, Customers Address book, Track inventory, Sell digital goods, Boost sales, Automatic Updates, Marketing Automation...

With Every AppleJuice Website or Store You Also Get!

Unlimited number of changes when we are Designing Your Website. So You Can be sure You will get exactly the site you wanted!

A fully Custom. Original. Made from the Ground Up Design. You are Original and so is Your Website or eStore!

Compatibility with every popular web browser like: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer

Ability to connect as many domain names as You like.

Help in setting up Email Accounts with your web address so You Can be Professional

24 SSL protect web secure safe sertificate

SSL Certificate for FREE because You need it

Multi Language Support if you need it

Google Analytics so you can see how many people visit You

and much more...

What do Our Clients Think of Us?

"Working with AppleJuice on our App was a real enjoyable experience. They made something that seemed very hard actually fun! I didn't have to know anything technically. They just asked me what our objectives where and they took care of the rest. Thank you guys!"

Kate A.

BNP Paribas

“We are not a very big company. So we can't afford to spend as much as the big corporations can. But some how AppleJuice was able to meet all our needs in a much lower budget then the other agencies could.”

Jeff G.

Healthy Living

“Thanks to AppleJuice I was able to quit my day job and now I'm living the life I always wanted. I have my own online store and I'm living life on my own terms.”

Elizabeth S.

Beauty Store

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